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Welcome to the MLM Tax Helper Website

What other users of the MLM Tax Helper are saying:

Below is a handful of the testimonials I received. I literally have 100's of emails just like the ones below.


"The MLM Tax Helper is so easy to use and set up.  I set it up to do my 2005 YE taxes and then set up to keep a current one ongoing for the present year.  It is great to know at a glance how the business is doing."


"To be successful, one must know how much money is coming in verses how much is going out. With this program, all you do is fill in the blanks and you know in seconds if you need to keep doing what you have been doing, if your making a profit, or you need to change the status quo and become a success. This has shown me I need to change a few things."


"Tax time has always been a nightmare for me.  I just don't have the patience for it.  And all I have to do is have everything in order for my accountant!  Well, what can I say.  You're my hero!  It's so easy to use your program and my accountant said that my info was in such perfect order that all she had to do was plug in the numbers!  Thank you."      ~~ Shawn Lane  -  Las Vegas, NV


"I had know idea what to do until I seen the Tax Helper. so simple and well explained that any body could use it.  I spent less time and money with my accountant."


"I didn't know how I was going to organize my records for my business as I procrastinated until the very end. I had used Quicken but dreaded setting up my business in it, so I decided to try the MLM Tax Helper. My tax preparer found it very helpful and so did I. I like how it figured out the percent age of utilities and home space to write off."


"I put every receipt in a separately marked envelope and kept a paper ledger.  It was annoying!!  This Tax Helper is a God-Send!! Thank YOU!"


"I didn't realize what deductions I should be aware of before I downloaded the TaxHelper."


"As I mentioned before, I ignored some of my deductions and threw everything in a folder. At the end of the year, I would sort the items, add up the deductions, then give the results to my accountant. After seeing your program, I see where I made too many mistakes in keeping of records, overlooking deductions and making my record keeping poor, if not pathetic. The MLM Tax Helper has helped me organize the amount of money that I am getting, and it allows me to know how much profits I am actually making."


"I hate to admit it but I did really use a shoe box and would reconcile for tax purposes in March right before they were due."


"I can't thank you enough for the Tax Helper. I had many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to purchase a program I could use for my MLM business.

Two days before I was to see my accountant and announce that I didn't have a clue as to how to figure out where I was or what I did, you appeared out of nowhere and saved me.

I worked on the program for two days, entering all of my information. It was easy, understandable, and really impressed my accountant. He said, 'Wow! You really did a lot of work on this!' It saved me....You saved me"

And a week later I received this email from Jay...

"Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of my trip to my accountant.  I was sure I'd owe the government most of what I earned in my MLM company.  What a surprise to find out I'd be getting so much refunded to me.  I'm sure that without your tax tips and software to work with, it would not have turned out as well."


"It helped me immeasurably. I just followed the instructions, and filled in the information, then printed it out and pasted the sheets together, and presented it to my tax person. Voila ! You made it easy."


"It saves me a lot of time preparing for tax time.  I make the entries each month and then just print off the recap or year end sheet and take it to my accountant."


"It has helped me stay organized with my bookkeeping, and am now taking a more professional approach to that aspect of my business."

"I had a paper nightmare before MLM Tax Helper."


"Thank You so much for the Tax Helper. It will be so nice when tax time comes. Can't wait to hand this over to my tax person, how awesome!"


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  I was scared to death that I was going to forget to report something.  Your program is excellent, and I am thankful to God and the person that introduced me to it."


"It's allowed me to be more organized and spend more time recruiting. I like the fact that it adds the totals expenses for you which eliminates alot of time."


"It gives me a month by month break out of my actual expenses versus revenue showing my gains and losses for any given month as well as how I am doing on an ongoing basis for the year. It is an instant view of my business without running reports."


"It made me realize how much I could save on taxes."


"It help my wife and I totally organize our taxes for 2005. We really needed something like this to get up organize. I have forwarded the link on to everyone one in my Team- they all like it"



"It reopened my eyes as to how important my business was and created a new push to grow it."


"I used to use the QuickBooks program, but it really wasn't as targeted to MLM. It's nice to use a program created for my specific needs. Thanks!"


"The MLM tax Helper helped me get organized with less paper and less confusion. What a blessing!"


"I used to use a log book which I tried to keep up to date...but it never happens! Then, I end up logging things I may or may not be able to deduct. The MLM Tax Helper is so much easier!"


"It takes only a few minutes a day to type in my info which helps me save a lot of time at the end of each month."


"It has made me more aware of all the information that I need to keep track of that I never did before or if I did, it was not complete or acceptable."


"With the Tax Helper I am so organized with my accounting, it scares me. I know where I stand on a monthly basis as well as for the year. Before I had no idea where I stood with income or expenses."


"It will be alot easier at tax time, just to be able to print out one sheet to give to the accountant. Plus I can enter & have access to all of my info at the touch of a key. Instead of having to go look here & there for something."


"It was very helpful to just plug in the numbers in one place and be able to get a record of it printed monthly, quarterly or annual."





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