See how easy to use and extremely
helpful the MLM Tax Helper can
be for you this and every year.

To watch a full demo of the MLM Tax Helper software, just watch it below. Be sure to have the volume turned up on your computer so you can hear Eric walk you through the program. 

If you want to learn more about the MLM Tax Helper, click here. Or to order, with our completely risk-free 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, click here to order.

If you want to download the demo to watch offline, please right-click here and save the file 'demo.rm' to your computer.


If you are are serious about your business then the MLM Tax Helper PRO Version is the way to go and we have kept it at a very affordable price. We have found that the PRO version increases your record keeping productivity, while providing much more valuable information, giving you even more time to focus on building your business while maximizing your tax savings

Features PRO Version
Simple and Easy to Use X
Already Set-Up for a Home Business X
Automatically Calculates Home Office Deduction X
Automatically Calculates Mileage Deduction X
Recommends Tax Deductions You Might Not Think Of X
Retail Sales Tracking Section X
Provides Monthly Quarterly and Yearly Income and Expense Statements With a Click of a Button X
Can Print Monthly, Quarterly and Year End Reports. X
Comes with Mileage Log and 'The 5 Hidden Tax Dangers' Special Report X
Can Enter Each Individual Transaction Item (income or expense) X
Each Transaction Shows Date, Method of Payment, Description and Amount X
Creates a 'Paper Trail' of All Transactions For Excellent Records X
Transactions Entered Are Automatically Carried Forward and Totaled in the Monthly, Quarterly and Year-End Reports X
Can Search for Transactions Based on Date, Method of Payment, and Amount X
Can Print List of Transactions Entered and Search Results. X
Compare Two Years of Your Business Information So You Can See How Your Business Income And Expenses Have Changed From Previous Years X
Exports All Information Into Excel or Database Format X

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